What's new?

Jan 8, 2018
Long awaited update. Much more info are available on Alciphron website.
Feb 28, 2016
Miloš Popović found Carcharodus orientalis near Zaječar last year, but I was slow to add it to the list. Also new egg and caterpillar photos added thanks to Miroslav Miljević and Ivana Janković.
May 31, 2015
Ermedin Drndić found Anthocharis damone near Sjenica, and that brings total of species to 200!
Oct 11, 2014
Ovum of Lycaena phlaeas added, of Lycaena dispar replaced with better one.
Sep 28, 2014
Ovum of Cyaniris semiargus added.
Sep 16, 2014
Larva and ovum of Phengaris teleius added.
Sep 11, 2014
New species for Serbia - Pyrgus cinarae. Current total 199! Also egg of Polygonia c-album by Miroslav Miljević.
Jul 22, 2014
Even more egg and caterpillar photos, primarily because of Miroslav Miljević.
Jul 3, 2014
Thanks to Miloš Popović now all the species are illustrated.
Jun 8, 2014
Thanks to Heribert Hanisch and Miroslav Miljević more larvae and ova photos included.
Oct 27, 2013
Some photos of larvae and pupae added, some replaced with better ones.
Jan 24, 2013
Building of site Moths of Serbia announced.
Dec 27, 2012
Site reconstructed. Thanks to Karin van de Logt, Serbian butterfly field guide now available in Dutch at http://www.boekenbestellen.nl/boek/dagvlinders-van-servie
Dec 21, 2012
Site reconstruction well under way. New species for Serbia added, Phengaris teleius. It was found by HabiProt member Miloš Popović and our friend Miloš Radaković. Number of species in Serbia now is 198.
Dec 18, 2012
New site reconstruction began. Changed names: Plebejus pylaon into P. sephirus, Melitaea telona into M. ornata. Six proposals given for butterfly tours in 2013.
Sep 28, 2011
Serbian butterfly field guide printed. More about it here.
Aug 25, 2011
New species added: Anthocharis gruneri, Lycaena helle & Melitaea telona. The first two were discovered in Serbia by HabiProt members Miloš Popović, Milan Ðurić, Miroslav Milenković and Aca Ðurđević, the third one was declared valid species. Number of species in Serbia now is 197. Many Serbian names were also changed.
Sep 21, 2010
Nomenclature changed. Now it follows Red data book of European butterflies.
May 31, 2010
Finished making pages for those species I thought I have something interesting to show. Now little break, and then more improvements.
May 12, 2010
New species for Serbia is Muschampia cribrellum. Actually, Ivan Dodok and Chris van Swaay found it in 2008 and I knew the fact since I was present, but the finding was not published until now. V. Dinca, Z. Kolev and R. Verovnik published the article in Nota lepideptorologica, so count of Serbian butterfly species goes up to 194. Species is included in the site, as many others in the meantime.
Jan 17, 2010
First major site reconstruction finished.
Jan 6, 2004
The first site on butterflies of Serbia put on the net.